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Only Laser Gum Therapy Offers Near Painless Treatments

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Modern Laser Solutions Offer Better Dental Experiences

Dental technology today affords an easier, more comfortable way to receive the gum disease treatment necessary for saving your smile. Laser gum surgery is a minimally invasive alternative to osseous surgery, avoiding the incisions and sutures of the traditional surgical method. With a faster healing phase, improved comfort and fewer dental appointments, laser gum surgery has drastically changed the patient experience, providing the advantage your smile needs for better oral health.

How Do Laser Gum Surgery and Traditional Gum Surgery Compare?

Laser Gum Therapy

Traditional Osseous Surgery

  • Surgical retraction of gum tissue
  • Mechanical removal of tartar deposits
  • Trimming of infected gum tissue
  • Suturing of gums to promote healing
  • Limited sites treated in one visit
  • One to two week healing period
  • Certain medical contraindications

Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Surgery

  • Minimally invasive
  • No incisions or sutures
  • Gently vaporizes diseased tissue
  • Leaves healthy areas unharmed
  • Denatures tartar for easier removal
  • Generates clots to promote natural healing
  • Encourages bone regeneration
  • Completed in one to two visits
  • Faster healing period
  • Greater patient comfort
  • No contraindications

Advance Your Oral Health With Gentle Laser Procedures

At Lakeland Periodontics and Implant Surgery, we are dedicated to providing comfortable, convenient, personalized service, no matter your periodontal needs. Our team offers high-tech, advanced solutions designed to comprehensively meet these goals. Dr. David Campbell and Dr. James Belcher are highly trained and skilled in performing the following laser therapy protocols:

LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment:

This highly specific procedure eliminates disease-causing bacteria and infected tissue, promotes bone regeneration and helps saves teeth from being lost to gum disease.

LAPIP™ Peri-Implantitis Treatment:

The LAPIP™ protocol vaporizes harmful bacteria and infected tissues surrounding failing implants, allowing for reintegration with bone and saving implants at a 95 percent success rate.

From more comfortable visits to proven, health-saving results, laser gum surgery delivers the care you want for your smile. Learn more about the benefits of laser by contacting our team today!

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