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Let Go of Broken, Decayed or Hopeless Teeth with Gentle Extraction Care

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The Best Care for Your Smile May Mean Losing a Tooth

No one ever wants to lose a natural tooth. However, when badly broken, decayed or hopeless teeth threaten your oral health, letting go of these teeth is often the best course of action for your smile. These types of situations may place your smile and general health in danger if not extracted, causing pain, discomfort and embarrassment over your appearance. Gentle tooth extractions from our team of specialists eliminate the risk of further complications, and get you out of pain and back to enjoying comfortable, healthy living.

Tooth extractions may be necessary due to:

Save Your Smile from a More Serious Condition

Our entire team is devoted to saving natural teeth whenever possible, giving your smile the best chance for a lasting healthy prognosis. When teeth cannot be saved, our doctors perform gentle extractions, providing much needed relief and preventing more serious oral or systemic problems from occurring. We place your health, safety and comfort first, which is why Dr. David Campbell, Dr. James Belcher and Dr. Alex Podaru regularly attend and instruct continuing education courses, remaining current on the latest techniques for the least invasive, most comfortable care possible.

Julie shares her experience with having her wisdom tooth extracted

I definitely had a little bit of butterflies coming into the procedure, you know it’s dental work. You’re probably not going to be very comfortable. But for the most part everybody was very reassuring making sure I was comfortable. If I needed water or anything it was taken care of. Since having my wisdom teeth removed there has been no more pain, since the swelling has gone down. Everything feels really good back there.

“Tooth extraction experience at Lakeland Periodontics”
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Socket Preservation Detailed Procedure

Replacing Extracted Teeth with Dental Implants

Implants are the preferred method for replacing missing or extracted teeth, thanks to the wealth of benefits offered by this permanent solution. Socket preservation (adding bone tissue to an extraction site) is a procedure commonly performed following tooth removal, and prepares the area of tooth loss for future placement of an implant. The socket preservation procedure also helps maintain shape and continuity of the jaw, and ultimately facial appearance, following a tooth extraction.

Rest assured, our team will make certain your extraction visit is as quick, convenient and comfortable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our gentle extraction procedures and tooth replacement with dental implants.

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